Which other samsung phones use same battery as galaxy alpha?


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Feb 10, 2017
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Would anyone know if there are other samsung phones that use the same battery as galaxy alpha? The battery code is EB-BG850BBE.

Reason being my charging port has been corroded. It's not worth fixing etc but I want to be able to charge the battery and I've noticed there are USB Battery Chargers that you can put a battery in and it will charge..

I just want to get back on the phone for 10 mins and these chargers are cheap.. cheaper then buying a battery that would also allow me to get on the phone for 10 mins but yeah..

I search ebay for this usb charger and there are 0 for galaxy alpha in my Australia. but for many other samsung phones there are a lot.. that's why I wondering if anyone knew if this battery is compatible with other phones so I can search usb charger for them and put this battery in.