Which phone to choose?

Kaushik Dash

May 28, 2014
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My Lumia 620 will be put down soon and I have to find a new phone now, in a budget. I am not looking at Windows phones anymore so I am jumping ship to Android.

I have a budget of somewhere between $150 to $200 (Rs. 10000 to Rs. 13000 in Indian currency).

For the lower end, I have the following phones short listed.

-)Moto G 3rd Gen
-)Asus Zenphone Max

For the higher end of my budget, I have the following phones short listed.
-)Moto G Turbo Edition
-)Huawei Honor 5x

My questions -

1) Should I go for the cheaper phones or should I go for the higher models if I can afford them?

2) Which phone should I choose for each range? Why? (I am new to the android scene so I really need help)

3) If any Indian here, how's Honor's after purchase service in India?

4) Is the Honor 5x water resistant like the Motos? Is the Asus water resistant like the Motos?

5) I read somewhere that warranty won't be void if I root the 4x. Is it the same for 5x? Will my warranty be void if I choose to root the 5x and install a suitable cyanogen (if available for 5x) on it?

6) Overall, which phone should I go for? What would I sacrifice compared to the other phones listed if I choose the phone you suggest?

7) Is there any other phone that I can go for at this price range?

Please care to answer all my questions. I lost hope in Windows so I am finally jumping ship to Android and I want to have a good beginning experience with it. I will be much obliged. Please! thank you!
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Feb 12, 2012
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And a water resistant phone isn't waterproof. Water resistant means that if it gets wet due to falling (not wind-driven) rain, it shouldn't get damaged - if all the port covers are in place. (A plastic sandwich bag is more effective, and two of them, with the phone in the inside one, is almost waterproof. It isn't very sporty-looking, but it'll protect the phone in any rain you can still breathe in.)

As for warranties if you root of flash a phone - none of them are covered if the rooting or flashing is the cause of the problem. IOW, if you flash Cyanogen and the phone freezes, you're on your own - even if the phone is covered if you flash a ROM. (If you can flash the stock ROM, rooting isn't a problem with any phone. No matter how bad the main partitions get, you can usually flash the stock ROM back [download is a separate partition], so the phone becomes a stock phone that's not working.)


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Jul 4, 2015
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I've heard bad things about Honor's after sales service in India. So, I'd say go for the Moto G Turbo Edition.
My sister has one and it's really good- great performance and battery life, decent screen and cameras, nice compact size and a really fast Turbo charger.
It'd be better than your 620 in all ways.