Which smartphone should I get after the HTC 10?


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Jul 30, 2012
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Hi everyone.

Had the HTC 10 for 15 days and it broke for good (someone spilled water on it, buttons stopped working, it went to repair, since the screen is glued the screen brakes every time you open it, the shop took 4 hours to fix it, did all the tests, it was working fine, paid 150 euros, got home and the mic doesn't work, the repair shop gave my 150 euros back and says they don't want anything more to do with HTC smartphones, ever, so I am left with a non working smartphone which cost me 480 euros in 2 months ago, grrrr).
I didn't really like it that much to be honest. I came from the M8 and battery life on the 10 was not that great. I must say I am no longer a HTC fan (HTC is getting worse and worse regarding updates - my European Unlocked version was still on the January Security Patch and the smartphones are very difficult to repair)

I am having trouble deciding which one to get now... In your opinion, which smartphone should I get now? I must say I don't use cases so one with a glass back is not a option for me and I would like to have a good battery life. Oh, and I do not like Samsung UI, I prefer closer to stock.

Is a Google Pixel a nice alternative since it´s price dropped recently or should I wait for October, when the Pixel 2 will be launched?

Thank you


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