Which smartwatches can you trust in an emergency?


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Aug 13, 2023
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Samsung Watch will require a connected mobile in order for emergency SMS to be sent, even for the LTE version. The emergency call will trigger though (most of the time...) The SMS is required to get the position on non-Samsung devices. Samsung users can use SmartThings Find to get the location without the SMS (e.g. if they get the emergency call). But Samsung Find only works on Samsung (the opposite is stated at Samsung sites).
It's not stated explicitly that the emergency SMS depends on the paired phone anywhere (on the contrary the opposite is implied). I have found out empirically while verifying the functionality for my elderly mother. I contacted Samsung support, which confirmed it. They claim that it's a limitation of e-sim, which sounds more like an excuse. Overall I'm dissatisfied with the reliability of the functionality. You are supposed to be able to trigger emergency by pressing a button repeatedly, but it's not reliable. And if I fail under controlled conditions what are the odds in an emergency?