Which speaker is the 'right' one?


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Sep 20, 2012
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Now that we have separate 'right' and 'left' speakers, is the 'Top' speaker the 'left' audio channel?
I assume it is, due to how the cameras, light sensor, headphone jack and microphone hole are all offset so your hand doesn't cover them in 'landscape' mode.
Is there any way to turn on and off the 'surround sound' software features?

A lot of times I've heard the old N7 has one speaker.
It actually has 2, but they are so small, close together and only have one opening, most people assume it's only one.

I like the new speakers, but there's no bass at all! Couldn't we have a little bass as well as the surround sound. I tried 'beam player' with a 'bass boost' and it didn't seem to do anything when activated at full.