Who went from I phone 4s to the LTE and what are your thoughts


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May 26, 2012
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I had an evo for almost 2 years and my wife wanted the iPhone 4s's and I hated the damn thing the first week.stuck it out for 2.5 months and finally sold it a little over a week ago and went to my local bbs and got myself the new evo and couldn't be happier. Let the wife listen to a song with beats audio and now she wants to sell hers!!!


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May 17, 2012
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Re: Who went from I phone 4s to the LTE and what are your thought

I came from 4s on sprint. Had iPhone 3 and 3g on att then went to sprint OG EVO. then went back to 4s....worst mistake going back to iphone. love the huge a** screen, HTC layout, android itself. won't make the mistake of going back to apple again.


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Jul 1, 2010
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Thats what I dont understand about iphone...why would you want the small screen? Is it as fast as an lte or even a regular evo?

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Feb 20, 2012
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My mother in law is a iPhone user
I showed her the EVO she couldn't put it down

Now she says the iPhone screen is way too small

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May 28, 2012
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Re: Who went from I phone 4s to the LTE and what are your thought

I just recently purchased a LTE This morning after weeks of searching. ( owe it to the members here for finding it ) and after only a few hours with it I returned it and went back to my iphone 4s. I think it was just the trill of the hunt that had me so excited about getting it, but once I had it in my home in my possession it immediately lost all its appeal and luster. The reason... at the end of the day, android and extra large a** phones just arent for me anymore

Just a few months ago I would have told you you were crazy to want a iphone over android but after owning my iphone for this long I have to admit as much as a cliche as it is " it just works". before the bashing and "trolling" gets thrown around I have owned both previous evos before sprint got its 1st iphone and I jumped because I was curious what all the fuss was about. I only kept it up until the end of the return window and gave it back citing all the things I had missed about andriod, but what I didn't miss was the battery life! I was spoiled wit the battery on the iphone and only months after returning it I bought another one.

My roming, hacking, and tweaking days began with the htc mogul and I was addicted ever since. but towards the end of my run with my 3d it began to bore me and I was just looking for something that didnt need massive amounts of tweaking or aggressive management to survive the day or work properly. I had grown tired of limiting what I did with my phone or having to keep one pocket empty so that it would fit a extra charger or battery. ( I charge my iphone once a day and no matter what time I take it off or how long Im out I have yet to get it to drop below 25% charge without going at least 24hrs between charges hell most of the time I dont charge it over night anymore just plug it up for a couple hours while im up getting ready for my day not worried anymore about battery life those days are behind me )
All the android and windows phones I had previously all worked "flawlessly" as they could the first month or so with them but as time went on and the system began swelling with information android began bogging down, freezing and the like. Havent experienced that with my iphone yet. ( fingers crossed)

The simple ease of use also has me. I forgot literally how many menus and options andriod possessed more than I care to spend time adjusting and looking for nowadays. Enough wit the bashing. Iphone isnt without its drawbacks

YES! the screen is ridiculously small. I do alot of reading on forums and news across the web and have found myself squinting at times to read. It's the most major drawback as far as I'm concerned. anywhere between 4-4.3" screen would be a sweet spot for me
at 4.7" even with my hands ( nice sized, not petite by any means ) I still had trouble reaching the power button comfortably without shuffling the phone in my hand. That lead me to believe that I would be dropping it quite often with all the fumbling. Also one handed navigation is out the question. I know its wrong ( and against the law in some places) but I do make calls and send text while driving or doing other task and its just not possible wit the new evo.

Some times I do miss widgets but its rare. having information right there is great but only really necessary if its a hassle to get to it by other means. If I had to navigate between menu after menu, option after option on my iphone I would want widgets too just to alleviate that but most info is just one extra tap away .

im also not a app junkie. I get the few I need right when i get new phone after that maybe a game or two at times to entertain the children. so I dont have screens worth of icons on my phone and with folders the clutter is minimal on my android I struggled to find things worth taking up space on the homescreens even had several blank ( like I said not big on apps )

No matter the functionality my primary function for a phone is calling and texting.. The speaker is extremely loud and clear on my iphone ( dont get me started on my 3d) and calls are very clear .. I love the stock keyboard and predictive text. I was never a swype or 3rd party app installer too worried bout malware and the fact I didnt think out the box I should have to switch basic components. The evo LTE keyboard is way too close in letter spacing even with the bigger screen I made too many typos even after calibration( i do 95% of my texting in portrait). I know I didnt have it long but I didnt have to to know that would be a big problem for me I love texting.

I know that was alot and I could go on but I just wanted to give my experience even though it was very limited ( im satisfied with my choice and will be waiting it out for the next iphone ) I enjoy the simple things in life now. I am happy for those who made the switch and are enjoying their new purchase I have no loyalty to either brand, only what works for me at the time Im looking for it. at some point in the future I mostly likely will switch again just to freshen things up a bit but for now other than the screen size Im quite content with my iphone 4s

I do wish apple did allow more customization and options to users but so far none of the limitations have effected me in a way I felt hindered my productivity.

Thanks for hearing me out!


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May 31, 2012
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Re: Who went from I phone 4s to the LTE and what are your thought

I just got this Evo (been using ipod touch not iphone) and am having some difficulties adjusting.Syncing and bringing over music is not working so well. (when I spent hours downloading the sync file it tells me I need an SD card to sync???)
Apple is obnoxious about the syncing reminders, but it syncs pretty easily.

I am having a hard time with emails. They are too big for the screen in landscape.
You cannot see 2 line preview in landscape. To delete a single email you have to do 3-4 steps, which on ipod, you left swipe and touch and its gone, no lifting finger-real easy.

I like the bigger keyboard and coming from a Tracfone, its a serious jump for texting. Enjoying Swype ALOT and voice for texts.

The first app I downloaded does not work in Android "Currency" but does in iphone.

As I posted on "Some Newbie Questions" post, it seems that if you use all google things, like gmail you are fine, but its not easy with other email or non-google programs.

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