Why am I getting an Android Update and it's getting blocked by the settings?


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Hello I am using a Samsung galaxy note 5 and today on the January 3 2017 I got a message that there's an Android update and all the buttons on my cellphone stopped working except the power one so I tried to lock and unlock my device maybe the popup will disappear but it didn't.Luckily I was able to use my "Ok Google" detection and i did get some information about the Android update(the phone was saying the information because I was not able to read the informations) but the message was still on my screen and I asked Google about the latest version of the Android update but it was different then the one in the message and in the message there where only one button and it was Update.I clicked the button but my phone Blocked the update and the phone said that it was not safe(the phone said that it was blocked cause it was an unknown source)! Please help ! (Ps:I did screen capture the message but I don't know if i can send it)!Thank you!

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It's important to see what that update notification looked like. Official system updates will show up as a notification icon in the status bar. If you got a popup, that's probably a bogus popup ad that's trying to lure you into installing something malicious.


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Aug 10, 2016
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Hi Updates may come from Google itself or from your Carrier. If it's not the latest OS update, it could be just an update for your current OS version. Try to contact your carrier and verify if they have sent out an update for your specific phone model.