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Why am I getting bulk notifications of my missed call history?


AC Question

Why am I getting bulk notifications of my missed call history?.

[LGG3 with android 5.0]

I've been getting lots of emailed missed call notifications - mostly from close contacts, unknown might well have been real missed calls, too , though - that are ALL from ages ago.

The only 'relevant' thing I remember is landing on some nefarious site a few days ago with a big 'virus warning you are infected' , but I figured it was a popup viral warning that would lead to "buy and d/load this prog to fix system" yada yada, and so I backspaced out of there and thought no more of it.

From about 12hrs ago, I've received about 100 email notifications, in clusters of 10 or 20 messages, with missed call message alerts from the call or contacts history. And each email I get states:

**Missed phone call from 043xxxxx89
April 20, 2015 at 02:56PM
via Android**

I've had the Lookout app installed for a long time but it gave no warning and the full scan I did this morning was clear.

The phone/apps/etc behave normally. I don't believe I've installed anything since. Needless to say there is no listing in the recent phone logs.

Does anyone have an idea/advice?

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