Why are all the blog posts here mirroring Droid-Life?

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Phil Nickinson

Android Central Editor Emeritus
Apr 21, 2009
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Welcome to the way news works. I invite you to read some or our original content, though, which I'm pretty sure you won't find anywhere else. (That's what makes it original content.)

Such as:

And that's barely scraping the surface, of course. Maybe you remember our coverage from Mobile World Congress in Spain. Or the Galaxy S III event in London. Or CTIA in New Orleans. Or CES in Las Vegas. Or any of the other dozens of events we cover every year.

But you knew that, because you read more than the past hour's worth of stories, right?. (Several of which everybody's had under embargo for a while now. Or, at least the site's that didn't screw up and blow the embargo a week ago.)

Thanks for reading -- but we do far more than you bother to mention here, and far more than any other Android site I've seen.
Not open for further replies.