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Why are my photos gone?


AC Question

why are my photos gone?

I took photos from an album labeled all photos. I moved them into an album I created with my name. I then deleted them from the all photos album and now my album I created is missing and of course the photos have been deleted, is there anyway to get either or back? So depressed.
Thank you


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Dec 6, 2011
You can't delete from all photos it deletes the pics from their folders, whatever folder they are in at the time. You should have gone to the actual folder where the photo was and deleted it there. All photos pulls photos from ALL of your folders to display them in one place. When you saw them there the second time, after the move, it was displaying them from the new folder. Since you moved and didn't copy them to the new folder when you deleted them you deleted them from the new self titled folder. So for example, you have a folder named TIME which has pics from your FX camera if you view the pics in all photos you see the pics from the TIME folder as well as pics from your Snapchat Facebook and Instagram folders. Now you want to move pics around so while in the all pics folder you select and move pics from it to a new folder. This is ok because you are actually moving the pics but they are still being displayed in the all pics folder because they are pics, and the all pics folder displays all of your pics. Even though you're still seeing the pics the source has changed and they actually reside in and are being displayed from the new folder. If you were to open the TIME folder up you'd find it is empty because you did actually move the pics to a new folder.

Alternatively you could have copied the pics to the new folder in which case you would have seen doubles of the pics in the all pics folder because you would have created a new set of the pics and then you could have deleted one from each set leaving one set behind in one of the two folders.

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