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Why are my Whatsapp videos being deleted from the gallery?


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Whatsapp videos deleted from gallery

Hi there

I had a folder in my gallery titled WhatsApp Videos. This was a new folder I created which was saved onto my memory card. I went into my gallery today and now the folder does not exist any longer. I have not deleted or done anything to the folder, it seems to have just disappeared itself.

Any ideas how it deleted automatically and most importantly, if it can be recovered?



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Dec 4, 2012
Re: Whatsapp videos deleted from gallery

Welcome to the forums. There are some PC programs that may be able to recover the data on the card. It might depend on how corrupted the card has become.

Windows should have a built in tool to at least check and possibly fix the card. If you plug the card in, and the PC sees it, you can right click the card and under tools, there should be a disk repair option.


New member
Aug 27, 2015
Re: Whatsapp videos deleted from gallery

If you use any untrusted cleaner program, and the file name you create is not a standard... it may be gone. I suggest you take off the memory card and do not use it for save operation