Why are photos saved to my external card using memory on my Galaxy Ace II?


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I have a Galaxy Ace II, which I take a lot of photos and download a few apps on.

I've been getting messages that my memory is full, so I tried to free some up by moving my photos to my external card.

Now when I go to Settings/Storage it still says that 555 mb of my 1.34 gb of storage is used by photos, and I have almost no memory left.

When to to Apps/MyFiles/storage/extSdCard all my photos are there. Only the 3 latest ones are in Apps/MyFiles/storage/SdCard0/DCIM/Camera.

How do I get the photos that are taking up memory out of there? I've tried shutting it down and reopening it.



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Feb 12, 2012
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If there are only 3 in sdcard0, there are only 3. But apps store data as they run, so a lot of that storage is probably in Settings/General/Storage/Misc.