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Why are recovered photos not what I downloaded?


AC Question

When I put in this SD card into my phone, I accidentally formatted the entire device (I though it was just for the SD card, but I might have read the pop up wrong). Now I have lost all of my photos and notes. Those two things are all I really want to restore (phone has only 2gb of internal memory).

My problem lies with the recovery programs: they're showing images I haven't downloaded! Most pull up similar images, but some programs will pull up other photos (it even pulled up pictures of gay porn! And I can say for certain, none of that was on my device). Overall, it doesn't pull up any of the pictures I downloaded myself (Folders for Pixiv, Downloaded, Twitter). Received the device early 2016. Is there an explanation for this? I don't know if the files are lost for good or no.

I didn't have google photos downloaded; I thought the backup and reset option on the device would've done all that, but no. This is my first phone, so I'm new to these things.

The device is an Alcatel Fierce One Touch 2, and it's not connected at all (got it from a cousin; and no, he didn't download any gay porn). I appreciate the help.

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