Why are spam texts showing at the bottom of the screen?

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I recently started recieving notifications from the messages app at the bottom of the screen. It will read exactly like a spam text and usually have a URL or phone number to click on, but instead of being in the notification bar at the top of the screen it appears as a pop-up message at the bottom with a "continue" button beneath it. When I check in the messages app there is no history of recieving the spam text, so I can't block or report the phone number.

This will happen any time of day whether my phone is unlocked or not. If my phone is locked, it will vibrate as if I got a text but no notification will be shown in the pull down menu. As soon as I unlock the phone the pop-up appears as described before.

I do not want to remove all notifications from the messages app, and I'm not talking about the little bubble on the app icon.

Please help me figure this out.

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