Why are there digital artifacts in my music regardless of how it's transferred?


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With both a Note 5 and a Galaxy S6 Edge +, when transferring music that has no blips or skips on the computer, the files always wind up with blips and skips on the phone.

I've tried multiple music apps, I've tried multiple usb cords, I've tried bluetooth transfer, I've tried uploading the files to my webserver via FTP and downloading them on the phones, I've tried zipping the files and extracting them on the phones. None of that fixes the problem.

On the computer the files have no artifacts at all. They're crystal clean. I've played them back in iTunes, Windows Media Player and VLC and they are clean. They are mp3s and the bit rate is 271kbps.


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Feb 27, 2016
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I'm the "guest" who posted this, btw. I just wanted to add that these noises only occur when transferring to the two phones I mentioned. I transferred the same files from the same computer over bluetooth to a Droid Turbo and the music was as clean as it is on the computer. This appears to be a problem with Samsung's newest phones although I don't have another S6 or Note 5 to try. Both the Note 5 and S6 Edge + were purchased brand new from Verizon less than 6 months ago. They've never been exposed to liquid or moisture, never been dropped... they're otherwise perfect phones.

It sure was a shame to be sitting here with over $1000 between two premium mobile phones and then watch some cheap Droid Turbo work perfectly with the files.

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