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Why are video clips I take on S5 mini not playing?

Fritz Dittmann

New member
Nov 17, 2014
Help...video clips I take on S5 mini cannot be played

Please help
if I take a video clip on my S5 mini phone and try to play it back with the video player it says "unable to play video! Sorry this video cannot be played....
It would appear the file is corrupted....???
What is happening and what should I do to prevent this....I have not had these issues before. The video file is saved onto the SD card

ta thanks

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Re: Help...video clips I take on S5 mini cannot be played

Welcome to Android Central! SD cards can be problematic, especially on Samsung devices. The card itself might be bad. Try using a different SD card, or saving the video to Internal Storage instead.