Why aren't any of my apps working on my S5 and why are they all crashing upon startup?

samer saleh

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Nov 30, 2014
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Help! No apps are working on my S5, all crash on startup

For about a month now my S5 active has been unable to open any apps at all, when i connect it to my computer its recognized, and it shows that there are 10.8 gb free of 11.4, its shows my sd card, but when i open them to view the files nothing shows up. Also when i open "my files" everything just says "0.00B". I can connect to the my wifi network but none of my web browsing apps work, and my phone cannot communicate with google services. The only things that work are texting and calling. Initially I tried a factory reset, which did not resolve the issue. Also i tried to side load the stock rom using sdk tools and from an external card from the recovery menu but both were unsuccessful. I attempted to flash a stock rom using odin, and though it was successful the only improvement there was, is that the camera app now takes photos but i cannot view any of said photos. Please help me, im at a total loss as to what to do