Why aren't I getting all of my Group Messages?


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Jul 15, 2011
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Group Messaging and Some Individual Text Messaging

I have been having text issues. Some with group texts, some I get other I don't. I turned off imessages and deregistered my iphone. Its doesn't happen consistently but I am missing messages. I had goSMS and it was lagging and I ddint received messages. I deleted it and added Textra, that worked fine for a day and then no group messages from a particular group of people. I have had then delete all messages including me and delete me as a contact, still no luck. I am using the stock app now regardless of what app I use I regularly get this message "messages (or app name) isnt responding.

Is there a texting app that works best for group messaging?

Thanks in advance!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Group Messaging and Some Individual Text Messaging

That particular group of people wouldn't all be using iPhones, would they? They each have to send you one text marked as SMS, otherwise their phone is still sending you an iMessage - which, thanks to Steve Jobs, you can only get if you're using an iPhone.