Why aren't I receiving group messages on my S6 group member uses 3rd party messaging app on different platform?


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Not receiving group messages on S6 group member uses 3rd party messaging app on different platform

I've been having this issue for a while. I previously had an S3, and very often it would not receive group messages. The messages would show up as blank. I recently switched to an S6 in hopes that this might solve the issue. I still am receiving blank messages in group chats. One example of this is when a friend uses Verizon+ messaging app from a computer instead of his phone. Messages from the computer typically come through blank in group chats, but work fine when they are directly sent to me. When he uses his phone, it also works when sent directly to me but still sometimes doesn't work when sent to the group. Is this an issue on my end; has anyone else had this issue? My friend uses an S5, and both the phone and computer sends messages as multimedia messages so I am unsure if this affects it. Again, this issue does not only happen when sent from my friends computer, but may give an idea as to why this is happening? Thanks!

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