Why aren't I receiving text messages from others on AT&T LG G3?


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Not receiving text messages from others on AT&T LG G3

For the past few days I hadn't been receiving text messages from others, but mine apparently were being sent. I didn't realize until today when my roommate called me a fake hoe and told me if I hadn't received her messages and I showed her my phone which showed the last text message I sent. Then she shows me her phone and a whole bunch of text messages she sent me but that never arrived on my phone!!! Then she accused me of deleting them on purpose and I would never do such a thing!!!! Then I restarted my phone and suddenly I got a flood of 30+ text messages that had been sent to me over the past week by various people and I feel so bad because they probably think I was ignoring them and being a bad friend and I don't know what to do :(

Also why did this happen in the first place? My phone is a LG G3 and I have AT&T

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