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Why aren't my messages showing up in Go SMS but they do in Hangouts?


May 17, 2010
Third party sms replacement apps and Kit Kat

I Have attempted to use go sms pro as my default sms app but I am not able to make it work properly. Hangouts keeps receiving all of my messages and none show up on Go sms? Has something changed in Kit kat that makes this action more difficult to complete? I have used third party sms apps in the past without problem.


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Jul 10, 2013
Re: Third party sms replacement apps and Kit Kat

I'm having a similar issue with every 3rd party SMS app: they just won't stay default. Did you disable the stock messaging app? (You'll see why I'm asking you this in a moment).

If I set any 3rd party app as default (GoSMS, Handcent, Textra, etc.) after a while the system would reset the default SMS app to the stock app. If I then disable the stock app, it'll reset it back to Hangouts (which I suspect is your case and the reason I asked you if you had disabled the stock SMS app). They would even completely dissapear from the list from when you choose which app you want to set as default, only Hangouts would show. Does this happen to you too?

Since KitKat something has changed, I can't explain exactly what it is, but I know an SMS app has to be set as default in order to be able to send or recieve text messages. Maybe your having the same problem I'm having.

I hope someone here give us a hand.


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Feb 23, 2011
Re: Third party sms replacement apps and Kit Kat

I haven't had this problem. Once I got my M8, one of the first things I did was install Handcent and set it as default. I never used hangouts (not even too sure what it is other than being another Google app), so maybe my lack of using it is why i don't have the default problem?

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