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Why aren't there any shortcuts for some installed apps?


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Why is there no shortcut for some installed apps?

I have installed several apps successfully, but recently I've installed 2 apps that don't appear on the home screen. They are CBC News mobile and Chess Free (from AI). Both appeared to install correctly and said they were creating a shortcut, but neither appear on the home screen, nor on the apps screen. They are both listed in the Application Manager but I don't know how to get a shortcut on the home screen. Any suggestions?


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Jul 27, 2014
Re: Why is there no shortcut for some installed apps?

Alright, I don't suppose you are out of spots on your home screens. I'm pretty sure this works for most Androids (it does it for mine): go to app folder and hold down on the app you want to create a shortcut for. Then move it to the homescreen and whalah. Shortcuts.