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Why bootloop when flash I545VRUFNK1 back to NC5 so I can use towelroot?


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Dec 14, 2014
I'm following these XDA instructions and when I flash back to NC5 using Odin v.10 (or v.8 PDA), my I545 just loops with no chance to Make it ra1n. I can flash back to NC1 and everything is fine but still can't root.

The root issue is after bringing down NC1, I lost root and towelly no worky worky. I'm not sure if I can tolerate an unrooted phone. May as well go get a Winders or MacenPhone. Not really....

My first post so AC won't let me post the link to the XDA page. Just google "I545VRUFNK1 NC1" and you should see the page.
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