Why can I not change back to my different locks on my LG G4?


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why can i not change back to my different locks on lg g4

So i got my new lg g4 and put the knock lock on and when i went back into my settings to change the password i couldn't get into my knock lock setting because user credentials so i changed to the line lock thing and want to go back to the knock lock but its grey so i cant click it, someone help


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Dec 17, 2013
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This is usually due to Exchange security policies being applied on your device. Are you using your work email on the device, is it added as an account? Does Exchange, Outlook Device Policy, OWA or something similar show up as a 'device admin' with a checked box in Settings->Personal->Security->Phone Administrators? If so you'll have to get rid of your work account from your phone in order to use the less secure means of unlocking your phone. Alternatively, you can use Outlook/OWA/Nine or a similar app with an app password.

If this is not the case (or you've already removed your work account) then clearing your stored certificates should do the trick. Settings->Personal->Security->Credential Storage -> Certificate Management -> Clear Credentials.