Why can I receive some group texts (MMS)?


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Dec 2, 2014
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I don't receive some group texts (MMS)

I've never owned an iPhone and I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3. My carrier is Verizon.

Just as the title says, I don't receive some group texts. The group texts I don't receive are from iPhones so far but it isn't consistent with particular iPhone version. While I don't receive some iPhone group texts I still receive lots of other iPhone group texts no problem.

I've reset my default settings and I've even done a full factory restore. Hasn't fixed it.

Any ideas on what to try next ?


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Jan 30, 2011
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Re: I don't receive some group texts (MMS)

Sounds like the problem is on the sending side and not the receiving side. Perhaps you could find out from your iPhone friends what's different between the MMS that do come through vs. the ones that don't? (Group size? iOS version? Their carrier? etc.)