Why can't I get Angry Birds to run on my Motorola Xoom?


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Nov 22, 2014
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Help: Angry Birds Go! not running on Motorola Xoom

HI guys, I am having trouble running the game Angry Birds Go on my tablet Motorola Xoom MZ605 ( the Brazillian version of US MZ601).

The Google play store says that is not compatible although the android version installed on my Xoom is 4.0.4.. I dont understand why it doenst work..

I have installed a version i got fron the internet with cache folder and when i install the game apk and try to run the game the tablet goes to a black screen for 1 or 3 seconds and then returns to home screen... no way to get it to work..

Anyone knows how to install the game and way to get this game running smooth on Xoom?

If so please give a brief instalation guide and links to download the game.