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Why can't I hear on my tablet unless headphones are in

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Why I'm I not able to hear on my tablet unless headphones are in
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B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
Re: Can you tell me,why I'm I not able to hear on my tablet unless headphones are in

Welcome to Android Central! Which tablet? The main speaker might have failed. Try booting into Safe Mode and see if it works then. If you still don't hear anything, then it's probably a speaker failure -- bring it to a repair shop (or contact the manufacturer if it's still under warranty).

Also, when you unplug your headphones, do you still see the headphone icon in the status bar? If so, then the problem might be with the jack. If the device keeps thinking that headphones are plugged in even when they're not, then you won't hear anything through the main speaker.

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