Why can't I make or receive calls on my S5?


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why can'y i make or recieve calls on my S5

Hello, i have bought a galaxy S5 model SM-G900T and i have been using it on my VIVO sim card ( BRASIL ) for about 6 months now, last week it has stopped making and recieving calls or sms, but 4G is working fine.
i tried to factory reset, downgrade, upgrade, but still can't make calls.
can you help me?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: why can'y i make or recieve calls on my S5

Go to Settings/Generl/Battery. Tap the graph. Look at the bottom of that page at the Mobile signal line. If it's red or brown, you have no signal. That could be the SIM card or the phone. If you have Green all the way, bring the phone into the carrier - they messed something up in your account. (If the signal is bad bring it in anyway - they'll have to diagnose what the problem is.)