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Why can't I make or receives calls (I think it's hardware related)?


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Can´t make receive calls (i think its hardware related)

I have a T-mobile unblocked S5 and I can't make/receive phone calls.

Actually, the phone doesn't even connects to the phone network (I get a Ø sign). When i restart the phone (or activate/deactivate plane mode) the signal bars appear but the Ø sign shows as soon as i try to make a call. I must mention I'm connected to the LTE network and data works fine (I can even make calls through some apps using data).

I´ve already tried my SIM on other phones and I'm able to make/receive calls. I tried using another SIM on my phone and it can't make/receive calls either.

I've already tried selecting network, re-registering and cleaning cache).

I can only imagine it being a hardware related issue or an issue caused by an app (i already deleted apps installed in the last 7 days, which is how long i've had the problem).

Any toughts on what I've troubleshooted so far and, if its a hardware issue, which part may need replacement?


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
It sounds like something on the motherboard, which would require a motherboard replacement. (No one does component-level replacements on the motherboard.)

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