Why cant i manually change the samsung internet destination folder for downloads?

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I tried to download an image and it wasnt in my gallery. I had to go to file manager and find the picture and delete the .nomedia file. I did that. I can see my pictures in gallery now.
WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS THIS... I want to be able to choose the folder destination: SD Card>download. But nooo... I dont have that option. Instead it goes down this crazy rabbit hole of random empty nonsensical folders: SD Card>android>data>com.sec.android.app.sbrowser>files>download.
WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. Who thought this made sense. The problem could be solved if i could simply choose another folder location. I didnt have this problem on my Samsung Galaxy J7. If i am capable of choosing then please explain to me what i am not doing right. Sorry for my frustration... But i am.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Can you confirm that you're using the Samsung Internet Browser app to download these images, and not the Google search app?


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Feb 12, 2012
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I tried to download an image and it wasnt in my gallery.
Images don't go "in the gallery" because Gallery is an app, not a place.

Gallery looks in the Media Scan database to see what pictures and videos there are and displays them. When you start or restart the phone, or when you take a picture or shoot a video, Media Scan updates the database. When you download files it doesn't, so Gallery can't find the downloaded picture. (The app doesn't scan the entire phone every time you run it - that would take too long. If you're doing a lot of media downloading, you may want to install media.Re.Scan, so you can rebuild the database without restarting the phone, any time you need to.

As for where a file gets downloaded to, that's up to what app is downloading it. If you're using a web browser, look in the browser's settings for a "download location", and change that to where you want your downloads to go. But that's in the browser settings, not in the phone. (SD Card > android > data > com.sec.android.app.sbrowser > files > download, since it has a .nomedia file in it, is probably for all the other pictures the browser is downloading - if you see it on the screen, the browser downloaded it first. (And you don't want to see all those pictures in Gallery.)

If the browser you're using doesn't allow you to change its download location (and that's only for downloads you do, not the ones the browser is always doing by itself), install a different browser. Chrome allows you to set the download location. (But as I said, you can't set it to "Gallery" - that's an app, not a folder. Some place under /DCIM would be a good place [since that stands for Digital Camera IMages - so you have Camera in there, and you could create a folder named Chrome or Browser] - and don't create a .nomedia file there, because the purpose of that file is to prevent Media Scan from listing anything in that folder - but do put one into SD Card > android > data > com.sec.android.app.sbrowser > files > download, so you don't see thousands of pictures in Gallery that you never downloaded. [Every smiley on this site, every avatar, every posted picture you see, will show up.])

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