Why can't I see all of my music files on my Samsung Tab Pro?


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Samsung Tab Pro - cant see all music files

I have a lot of audiobooks downloaded from different sites but cant see them all when I go into Music Player (or any other player), they are all on the SD card in various folders, and if I go into my files I can see them and play them in Sound Player from there. Anyone know how to make them visable in Music Player. I have tried moving them from folder to folder and that sometimes works but then they disappear again.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Samsung Tab Pro - cant see all music files

If the file type is something Sound Player can play and Music Player can't, Music Player won't show them. Apps only show files they can handle, unless they're file manager apps (which can "handle" any file type).

The only way to :make them visible in Music player" is to convert them to a file type music Player can play. (There are free programs to do that on a PC.)