Why can't I update stock OS after installing TWRP?


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Jul 27, 2015
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Can't update stock OS after installing TWRP

Hi everybody,

Background: I am using an HTC One M7 without any rooting, jailbreaking, unlocking or anything like that- only stock Sense OS. A few months ago I had a semi-known bug with all HTC One phones- the phone suddenly asks me for a password to decrypt it even though I never encrypted it. It accepts any password given as a correct password but says the data is corrupted and I must perform a factory reset. Trying to do a factory reset results in an error that /data/ can't be mounted - I thought the phone was bricked.. After hours and hours of googling I came across the solution you get when you type "HTC One decrypt solution" into Google. (Can't post links, sorry)

The jist of it is- I unlocked my phone, installed TWRP and did a factory reset from there. All was well! Reinstalled everything and the phone worked great. Up until three weeks ago when I was prompted to install an OS update from HTC. After downloading and installing it the phone resets into TWRP instead of into the regular, updated, OS! I use the TWRP screens to restart the phone and when the regular OS boots up it prompts me to update it again... I can use the phone but I just can't update the OS. How do I solve this?

Thanks ahead!