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Why can't I upload media to my Galaxy S5?


AC Question

Hey there. New Android user, and I bought it specifically for Media usage. Here's my problem:

I first installed 'kies', assuming I needed some sort of program to upload from mac to android. My first error I encountered was that when I put a bunch of songs in a playlist, it would get to about 90 or so and just stop. And even with a less amount of songs, it has happened. Unless the number is very low, like say 10. What's going on?

I'm not done there. So, looking for an alternative I realized you can just use the android file transfer app. HOWEVER, everytime I plug in my android it gives the message 'Cannot connect to device. Try reconnecting or restarting your device' I've reconnected it countless times, and restarted both my computer and android and still the same thing.

Please help !!!