Why can't my Moto X Play with Android Marshmallow detect the SD card?


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When my phone( Motorola X Play) became available for the marshmallow update I was excited and immediately upgraded it. It prompted me to choose if I want the SD card to be a portable device or adopt it to become the internal storage. I was hesitant because it seems inconvenient at the time. My phone then had some hiccups here and there after the update but I didn't mind until I can no longer update apps because it says I was running out of storage. I then stored all the files from SD card to my laptop and proceeded to format the SD card to be adopted. After the formatting of the SD card, it's been fine until my phone is saying 'insert SD card' or something. I then turned off my phone and after turning it on again, the phone can recognise the SD card because it is saying the name(Samsung SD card) of the SD card but it is also saying 'Not inserted'.

I want to revert my SD card back to being a portable device because it is a 64gig SD card and I don't wanna throw it away as it is a bit expensive. I cannot format it back because the phone keeps saying that it is not inserted and I cannot format it with other devices/computer.

Is there any way to make the phone recognise it again or format the SD card?

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