Why can't my phone play most (I'd say 95%) Instagram videos?


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I have a Sony Xperia SP, with its latest software (Android 4.3) and Instagram's most recent version. The issue I'm having is, that whenever I scroll up to a video, it will start loading, then it will show (very briefly, about 2 seconds) the refresh arrow, as if I had no connection, (although I'm sure I have) but after a while, the video will just become white, and won't play audio either, whether I tap on it while the arrow's there or not. Also, I can see the sound icon; tapping on the video makes the icon change between enabled and disabled, but doesn't really make a difference, the video still stays blank and no audio will be heard. If I scroll away and then back to the same post (to try to make it load again) around a dozen times, sometimes the video will eventually will play, but this is incredibly rare. Otherwise, the same process will happen (shows the arrow, and then it'll just be blank). However, I can sometimes watch a video, but only if it's very short. This has happened for quite some time now (months) and I've tried restarting my phone, deleting Instagram's cache and/or data and uninstalling and reinstalling again, to no success.

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