Why can't my samsung galaxy s4 mini download the software update?


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Nov 23, 2014
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My samsung galaxy s4 mini won't download the new software update that is available. My phone currently has 582MB available on device memory and 423MB on the SD card. When I click update, it says 'Unable to download software update (521.04MB). Not enough space in device storage or SD card. Delete some items' I have deleted many items and it still comes up with the same message each I try to update. I am a bit confused at why it continues to say this, please help!


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Jul 7, 2013
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First, your update is not Lollipop. Samsung hasn't yet released it for the higher-end and more recent phones, it's definitely not out for your S4 Mini.

Second, you may actually need more space available than the download needs so it won't start the download if the update won't install. Do you have anything on the internal storage you could move to the SD card to free up that extra 400 MB on internal storage?