Why can't xfinity activate my new xfinity mobile phone to replace my existing XM phone & number?


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Jan 13, 2019
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It's been 4 days, 6 hrs. talking to 5 different agents (1 was Tier 2) and driving to an Xfinity store out of town (in a snowstorm no less), for a new sim card, just to activate my new Xfinity Mobile phone ( LG Sylo 4) bought from Xfinity Mobile, that came with a sim card it it, that wouldn't activate and it's still not activated. I've been an Xfinity Mobile phone user for almost 2 yrs.now and all I did was buy a newer XM phone to replace my 1st Xfinity Mobile phone with my current phone number. In case an Xfinity Mobile rep (or anyone with the knowledge) happens to check or reply to these forums, I need you to check on case # 19011288484, that was set up yesterday at the Xfinity store, to figure out why my new mobile phone can't be activated or when it will be. They said they would email me yesterday, to let me know, and they marked my case as high priority (so they said). Haven't heard a thing. Last night I talked to a rep in Tier 2 who had me switch out the new sim card (that I got from the Xfinity store earlier in the day), with the one that came with the phone, restart and reset and then switch back, again, doing the same thing with no results. That's basically what the rep in the Xfinity store did earlier in the day, except with the sim card that came in the new phone with the the sim card from my old XM phone (currently not activated, either, since messing around with all this). Now neither phone works! Then he tried activating the new sim card he gave me, which didn't work, and proceeded to call for help which accumulated in the case #19011288484 , that I'm asking about. Please....if they don't know the answer to this problem, just let me know, so I can return the phone before it's too late, or if they do know, please let me know the "real time" it will take to get activated. I'm really getting tired of all the different times all 5 agents I talked to, promises you, and then you never hear back. Do they really even know the answers? My time is important and this is ridiculous! The website says it should take 10 minutes to activate. The promises you hear in their ads seem quite empty!

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