Why did colors of tiles get changed?

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Learning disabled persons who learn items that already are color related, now HAVE to unlearn then re-learn the changed tile colors...Feel this was absolutely UNNECESSARY !
Also, changing the stylized tiles for apps standard on the screen was also UNNECESSARY & FRUSTRATING!
The persons & companies who chose to provide " automatic- or...you have 10 chances to select the time of your upgrade or then we will just do it for you..." attitude need to realize what & how these Upgrades & changes affect the rest of the population and MUST BE much more considerate of those of who learn differently!


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Jun 10, 2014
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Perhaps so, but we have no idea of what phone, software or UI you are talking about. By all means say, and we may be able to suggest something.


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Jul 7, 2013
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While I understand the concern, that is a VERY small segment of the user base. Just because a fraction of users are unable to adapt (for one reason or another) does not mean the interface design needs to remain stagnant. Imagine if this approach was taken every time - Windows would still look like it did in 1995!