Why did my Galaxy S5 Mobile Data stop working after operating properly for 1 week?


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Dec 14, 2014
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Galaxy S5 Mobile Data stopped working after operating properly for 1 week

Phone is less than one week old, unlocked international version with microSIM, using Straight Talk Network. Everything was working fine with and without WIFI. Today, for the first time, I turned on, then off, ultra powersaving mode but not sure if that had anything to do with it... Sometime after I did this, I noticed no internet connection (NO 4G symbol) while in a strong cell signal zone. After trying to reset the phone several times, turning "MOBIL DATA" button off and on several times, and removing and reinserting SIM card, still no fix. I am baffled! Someone please help!!:(


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Galaxy S5 Mobile Data stopped working after operating properly for 1 week

Check the APN settings with the card the SIM came on and make sure they're the same. (If you don't have the card, call tech support.)

If having the settings correct doesn't fix it, it's still under full replacement warranty, so bring it back. (If you got it online, notify the seller AND snail mail the seller a notice that you've notified them that the phone has to be replaced, requesting a signature on the return receipt. (That establishes that the request was made when it was made - if the seller is honest it's a waste of a couple of dollars, if they're not, it'll get the phone replaced because they know that if they refuse and you sue, you get the retail price of the phone, your attorney's fees and anything it cost you [filing fees, a day's pay, etc.], so it's cheaper for them to replace the phone. Unless you bought it overseas, in which case you saved some money but may have wasted more than you saved.)

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