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Why did my headphone jack stop working after I dropped my phone?

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I have an Honors 5x by Huawei. While I was walking, I accidentally dropped it, headphones still plugged in, so naturally, they came unplugged when the phone dropped. I just picked it up and kept walking, since this happens sometimes, and it's usually fine. Then I got on the bus, and stumbled a little, and the base of the where the headphones plug on, got slightly pushed in when they hit the seat. Afterwards, my headphones stopped working. So I just got a new pair, thinking it was the headphones, since that usually happens of you drop them on the part where they plug in. But I discovered, that the headphones on worked in one ear. I tried with three different pairs, and they never worked. Then I tried those pairs on my friends phones, also androids, and they worked perfectly fine. So I tired cleaning the headphone jack out with a q tip, blowing through it, used air in a can, basically everything. But nothing works, and I don't know what happened. It hasn't worked for two days now. I got this phone in 2016 in December, and recently just got it turned back on if that helps.