Why did my Samsung S4 deleted all the contacts by itself?

Matus Cary

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Dec 7, 2014
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Samsung S4 deleted all contacts by itself.

Samsung S4 has for second time deleted all my contacts, which were saved in device memory, by itself in last month.

I'm using this mobile for one year and half. At the beginning everything worked perfectly, however after 4 months first problem occurred. The device turned off while it was in charger several times. They gave me a new battery in warranty service and claimed that the old battery was swollen which was caused by extreme cold - normal winter in the Europe.

After certain time the device started to be more dodgier. It used to restarting itself few times a week or just stopped working and I was forced to restart it by withdrawing a battery. One month ago, after I lost all my contacts for the first time and I had time to "play" with mobile, I downloaded APUS softwear. Mobile works more stable, even so it restarts itself time to time.

This morning I had unpleasant surprise when I found out that all my contacts had vanished again. I have no idea what happened...

That's my second Samsung Smartphone. Firstly I had S2 and it was similar story. When it was new, everything was fine and the older was the mobile the dodgier it was. What suppose I do? Buy a new mobile or is there any possibility to remedy? I look after it quite good, it didn't sustain any hard drops and it didn't get wet.

Thank you for your suggestions.


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Apr 30, 2009
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Re: Samsung S4 deleted all contacts by itself.

Sometimes a tight case can press the power button. If you have a case on it, try it without the case.

Sometimes carrying a larger phone in your pocket can bend it a bit and cause problems. If you carry it in your pocket, try carrying it in a different manner.

Sometimes a rogue application can cause problems, try a fresh install and run it without any applications for a while.

I had a S2 for 3 years and had zero problems with it.

About all I can suggest to try. Good luck.

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