Why did Samsung move character, smiley, paste option, microphone etc... buttons? Very annoying!

Jazzy Lemondrop

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Jun 24, 2018
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I hope my post helps Samsung or whomever is responsible realize they have another unsatisfied customer in their service and they correct this. I do not like the fact they moved the smiley, microphone, paste, cog wheel etc... and put them all over the keys in a drop down menu instead of below the keys like before. The keys were so much more convenient and I hope they change this back like it was. Bottom line I loved the old keyboard how it was because of convenience and have downloaded a different keyboard app that more suites my needs. I will not be using the new keyboard update from Samsung at all as it only creates frustration and inconveniences my already hectic day!!! Going to a different keyboard app was the only fix I could find as I called my phone service provider and found out this change is not coming from them.

I had to purchase the keyboard from Google Play store called Classic Keyboard to avoid ads but the purchase was worth it saving me time and frustration.

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