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Why do bells keep going off?


AC Question

why do bells keep going off

I am going nuts trying to shut off these bells. I have a galaxy 4 tab


New member
Dec 25, 2013
Re: why do bells keep going off

A recent blow to the head?

OK, sorry. :)

If you are new to a Samsung, there are a variety of places a bell or notification sound can be on by default, unfortunately.

Sound Settings, Sound - Samsung aplications for Call, Message, Email, S-Planner; Google Calendar, EMail app, Gmail app, other email apps, Play Store, alarm, any app, where do I stop. Try to go to settings on the app or email menu.

I don't think people are harassed for long though. It's not as bad as I make out.
We can take you through ones you can't find, i.e. without a notification icon as well.
I think sliding the Notifications slider in Volume should keep most quiet to start with.

I also think I am forgetting more obvious advice, so you should get more ideas.