Why do I get a flood of text notifications when my LTE Gear S3 goes into standalone mode?

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As soon as my watch (on T-Mobile) goes into standalone and off wifi, old texts come flooding in - over 50 at a time - any ideas?


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Aug 29, 2011
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Short answer - I does that when you reestablish a data connection and they are backlogs. Longer answer - Mine did that for awhile and it's all in setup. I've tried alot of setups and I now leave mine on BT (never WiFi as it does nothing for me) and it drops to standby when I'm not around my phone. THAT switches over to Remotely Connected after a few seconds and I hook up with my data feed. I used to just use Remotely Connected but I live rural and my battery runs down way fast if it's looking for a connection so I'd put it on Airplane mode when I didn't have connectivity. I find I carry my phone most of the time for the camera and surfing so I just BT off that and it works. When I leave it at home it's with Remotely Connected and still works. That make sense?


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Dec 5, 2013
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Same here. I thought T-Mo's Data with Paired Digits is supposed to share the same number. It seems as though the texts are sitting in a queue when the watch and phone are connected, then the messages are released when the connection breaks. i also get MMS messages on my watch to a different number. Very annoying to re-read texts I already saw and have to mark each one read again by opening them. Not as annoying as AT&T's Number Sync which didn't send texts at all. I been meaning to call T-Mo about this issue

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