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Why do i get a weird screensaver every now and then? HTC ONE A9


AC Question


i get a weird screensaver on my htc every now and then when i charge the battery.
i get it sometimes when i put it on my nightstand to charge it. i cant really say how, when or why it appears, i just know it does.
since i apparently cant post imgur-links i cant show a pic of it.

it looks like old school nintendo. the image is very low resolution and the 3 latest calls are showed. not sure but this ring any bells for anyone?

does anyone have any idea why this is popping up on my screen?

*note: the text on the phone is just recent people who called me

the tall guy

New member
Sep 23, 2013
Hi, you could have Daydream activated on your phone - have a look for it in the display settings, turn it off and see if that helps :)