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Why do i have 2 different Pinterest widgets in my app list?

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When I look at my app list widgets there is two Pinterest one looks like it should and the other one looks different I can check the information on the one that looks like it should and it goes to the Play Store on the other one it leads to a dead end. I don't understand where the second one came from. if anybody could help me I would greatly appreciate it.


New member
Dec 14, 2021
I know this is an old question, but could it be you have two different apps installed?

Looks like they are both legitimately made by Pinterest, but "Pinterest Lite saves space on your phone so you can discover the billions of possibilities for your life faster."

If you want to pick just one and don't have a problem with space on your phone, it looks like the regular Pinterest app has a significantly higher rating in the Google Play store (about 1 whole star as of Dec. 2021).

What's weird to me, as I'm in the same boat currently, is when I go to "My apps" in the Play store I only see one Pinterest app installed, so I'm deleting both and re-installing the main one to get to my objective of having just one Pinterest on my phone, thank you very much.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central, and thanks for the info! Unfortunately, it looks like the OP never registered to follow up, but your reply might help others.