Why do i have only 224.70MB of RAM on Galaxy S6


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Hello, today i stumbled upon a friend, who told me that his phone is lagging and he can't seem to install any apps with a Samsung Galaxy S6. Specifications are: 32GB of memory, 3GB of RAM(this is the issue). and so on, you can find the specifications prety much anywhere.
I pretty much looked for everything i could until i found Clean Master who told me that i had only 224.70 MB of RAM in total. I have to mention that the phone was dropped, and the screen is shattered a bit. But it works perfectly fine except for the lag.
I couldn't even get into recovery mode, not even download mode works.
Thank you in advance and i hope you understand what i'm saying :).


Moderator Team VP
Apr 23, 2011
Perhaps some app is misbehaving. If this is a recent problem then i would try to remove any recently installed apps

Amanci Gabriel

New member
Jul 31, 2016
That's the thing, i did a total reset from the phone's menu, nothing more i could do because i couldn't enter recovery mode, or download mode so i could flash it or something.
There's no new app, except for the ones coming with the phone.