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Why do I have this annoying checking device status notification?


AC Question

why do i have this annoying "checking device status" notification?

ever since i updated my phone about half a week ago, i haven't been able to use wifi because when i click on the icon, it just shows a dim green light and turns back off. so, i wen through the settings and reset my phone but the reset didn't delete my personal data so i thought it was perfectly fine and completely get rid of the problem with ease, but as soon as i turn it on, an extremely annoying notification appeared stating that it was checking the device status. so i naturally waited because i thought it was going to be a fast process and ever since, i realized that the notification has not gone away. can anyone help me please??

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
Re: why do i have this annoying "checking device status" notification?

Hi, welcome to the forums! Could you give us more details about your problem? Which device do you have? The update you're talking about, was it an Android system update or just carrier related ? Which android version are you running?