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Why do my newly added contacts on my LG G2 disappear after a day?


AC Question

So a few months ago I made the switch over to Android from WP. I had my contacts and people info (addresses, phone #s, nicknames, etc.) backed up onto Outlook, and at first I struggled to access them through Microsoft Exchange (I hooked up the account and tried syncing) but to no avail. Then, I downloaded the Outlook app and synced the contacts from there, and somehow it worked! I was content.
Recently, I discovered an issue with using contacts from the app. I am unable to edit my backed up contacts using the Outlook app and the Contacts app itself. The Outlook app has no buttons/features that allows editing/adding/removing contacts. In the Contacts app, if I try adding or editing a contact under Outlook, the changes are "saved" but the next day, they are gone or undone. I have lost a lot of a few addresses, names, and numbers (thankfully all salvaged or resolved), but I want to fix this before the damage is beyond my control. I can save a contact to my phone or Google, but then those contacts are in a separate location. Is there any way to get them to sync properly on my phone (without manually going online on my computer and adding the contact)?