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My exboyfriend and his sister as well as a few associates of his, have been remoting my devices and harassing me, messing w my financials, hijacking usage of my unlimited data and monitoring apps. during such pandemic as now even blocking my use of messaging my photos. this is my 6th phone ive gone threw desktops as well. My WORK desktops have been remotely mangled and they have prevented 3 MAJOR opportunities for studio placement. They have been remotely listening to my top contacts and family as well making sure to follow me for life ruining any and all aspects.
i have about 8gmail accounts through this each w cloud storage as well as sd cards, usb memorysticks, and actual disks fulk of screenshots, trace reports, even verifications from various companies that it is him, his accounts, and internet service.

this goes deep and it gets pretty personal and sick. he has also made bogus accounts on hookup sites and apps even on FB and no matter the way said or asked or (as of yesterday) demanded, they only get worse.

in a report i ran this morning i saw (and this isnt the first time) alot of newly embedded script that led here to this site. in my email and mock emails they made for the posing as me and posting ill photos even my real email address been assigned to send updates here. apparently the group of them send alot of their sick ill behavior fraudulent stuff here and each log on to watch
i dont know how this site works
but they alk take turns monitoring my devices and making sure to destroy anything they remotely can.
its become a fulltime job. overtime actually because between all of them its 24/7
there are embedded triggers as well so i cannot report this believe me ive tried.

if i may talk to a person live or have an email account to send some screenshots it would be of great assistance. i am made sure to not be able to report any of this. but need to.
they have my family remoted and i cannot escape this if i get a new phone (and i have) new # and diff carrier... the moment i call ANY family or friend (any of my contacts) they hop on and regain their sick harassments. if i leave my apartment there is always something stolen and even those little video cubes hidden. he sends people in as needed to retrieve or replace/rehide them

even automation upon trigger which activates layerd pages making it a spoof if i google (or any search bar) for proper agency or authority.

i need assistance

they are to log in and see my changes and activity on my device and gmail is what i gathered from the scripts (remotely they are seeing what im seeing on my screen this very moment and know im writing this) im sure things will get worse as they always do. they are doing more than remoting people. they have purchased web space and do many types of fraud and scams. from hosting malware and doing voip attacks, to hacking accounts via brute force and too much more. evwn doing it remotely from other peoples devices. its out of hand.
even though theres other things they are apart of like rm_netting phones in local and other various neighborhoods and robbing those who speak of anything worth robbing. i seem to be their main entertainment and main worry. though their fraudulent choices and behavior should be. THATs whats going to get them in trouble.. im reaching for help... assistance... if the repercussion hits them in the ***...it was from the beginning their own actions and choices that in the end....led to this very moment (ej i am sorry) its getting a bit dark and disturbing. and have no way to stop this. im under hard attack and its already an attack of virus depopulating the populations

please contact the fcc or the fbi there is proof of all this and they can trace everything for themselves for current verification.

my name is [redacted by Mod]
theres too much more to say
but if you can please help

[contact info redacted by Mod]

they are [redacted by Mod] not sure other names.
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Welcome to Android Central! Be aware that this is an independent community forum, without any direct affiliation with Google or any other company.

I don't know what "embedded" scripts you're talking about, but there is no sanctioned "fraudulent activity" on these forums. There is occasional spam with clearly suspicious links that the Moderators jump on as quickly as possible to delete -- this spam usually advertises medical quackery, miracle cures, "free" (i.e., pirated/stolen) music/movies/games, prostitutes, kitchen designers, heavy construction equipment, you name it. Even the most gullible of users shouldn't fall for this junk. As much as we would like it, there is no forum software good enough to automatically identify all spam and prevent it from being posted (hence the need for Moderators).

For your issues, our only recommendation is to take your concerns to the local authorities. I am closing this thread since I cannot see anything constructive coming from it on a community forum. Good luck.
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